17650 San Carlos Blvd.
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931
(239) 454-0221

Fort Myers Beach Natural Shrimp

Dennis Henderson knows seafood. He and his partner own the biggest Natural Shrimp boat fleet in Florida. Their trawlers unload nearby, at their Fort Myers Beach packing house.


This may be your first taste of fresh, Natural Shrimp.

About 85% of the shrimp Americans eat is pond raised and chemically treated, imported from Asian or South American locations. It’s NOT inspected in the U.S., is not liable to U.S. health and quality codes and the flavor does not compare to fresh wild caught.

It’s frequently served in waterfront locations and 70 to 80% of restaurants mislabel.

Wild caught Florida shrimp is known as “pink gold;” it’s natural, fresh and flash frozen right out of the nets. The flavor is salty/sweet, and the texture is appealing. Unlike other seafood, you can freeze, thaw and refreeze shrimp with no loss of flavor.

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